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Absolutely love this woman. Not only a master of teaching the Egyptian Belly Dance, and it’s beautiful art form (including my favorite of playing the finger cymbals), but also Khalidah is very knowledgeable and deeply, spiritual, in tune with self, Physical health, spiritual health, emotional health, women’s health, knowledge, history, healing. Her aura is strong, calm, and full of light. Her words and advice still stick with me. Love her. She IS Fabulousness!
Nicole of NYC
Everyday I go to Khalidah's class, I get deep-down feelings of cleanliness, healthiness, and beauty.
Beverly H.
I found Khalidah's class to be a very inspirational and spiritual experience. She spent time not only instructing, but sharing her knowledge of Africa and the origins of the dances.There was a connection between Women and Mother Earth. I would love to have this experience again.
The Class is excellent! It's an exciting experience. Camaraderie with ladies is perfect as well.
Maryam H.
I enjoy Khalidah's class. It's better than any pill I could take. At 70, it's a joy to move my body. Blessings to the Instructors.
R. King
This North African Dance Class is a Blessing from the Most High.
Sabra A.
Thank You for all your positivity. Khalidah has a great Spirit, which motivates me to try.
Essie B.
She is a Queen Mother of Wisdom and Peace. I am in awe of her zeal, strength and tenacity for her dance family and life.
Tess W.
Everything is in Divine Order.
S. Suluki
I feel love, peace, power and wealth-in-abundance in the class.
Maisha B.
Khalidah's class is relaxing, yet energetic. I enjoy the gracefulness of the class, and it's principles. It helps me with flexibility, endurance, and strength. Khalidah is forever dedicated.
My experience with Khalidah's Egyptian Belly Dance has been awesome! The class offers a good-fun workout, while focusing on the beauty and art of femininity. Khalidah is absolutely the best! She is a very positive influence on everyone, and just an all-around great person. So, if you are thinking of joining a belly dance class, I would highly recommend Khalidah's Egyptian Belly Dance Class. You won't be disappointed!
Mama Asantewaa
I thoroughly enjoyed the class. Khalidah has such a positive spirit, and provides not only a fun, up-beat Belly Dance class, but, provides positive lessons that I will carry and incorporate in my life.
Deana T.
I feel more in touch with my feminine energy after every class. I walk taller, smile brighter, move more gracefully. Her classes are not only great for the body, it’s good for the soul.
Chineze M.
Khalidah is the Truth! I love how I radiate after our sessions. I feel so rich when I come to class. So very full!
I truly enjoyed my class today! Khalidah was wonderful; very patient, and encouraging. She connected body and spirit to the dance.I feel I traveled to another continent.
This class has been so energizing. It's an oasis in the week to be able to show-up, dance, and feel recharged by the circle of positive feminine energy. I've enjoyed learning your dance moves.
Ms. Erin

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