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Khalidah Kali Khalidah Kali

Khalidah started a phenonmenon in Chicago since her teaching started in 1986 which has resulted in thousands of students and, at least, 30 teachers who've received their foundation from Khalidah's “Tree of Knowledge”

Khalidah is very thorough in her teaching approach, giving a wide-range of information from the herstorical to the nutritional & healing aspects, to the sensual/spiritual connection of the dance, plus cultural show and tell!

Founder of Khalidah’s North Afrikan Dance Experience has traveled over 30 countries, performed Hajj twice, recent travels are: Brazil, Barbados, Philadelphia, Washington, DC and NYC teaching & performing. A BOCA-Teacher favorite!

Is passionate about health benefits of the dance. Studied with over 40 notable teachers abroad and domestically. 20-year faculty-member of Joel Hall Dance Center.

Licensed Court Stenographer for the State of Illinois, Volunteered 260 hours feeder/rocker for LaRabida Childrens’ Hospital, & pursuing Degree in Holistic Nutrition!

“She who knows she has enough is rich! Treat everyone the way you want to be treated!”

"Honor, Nurture, Love, and Protect Yourself, Hydrate, Energize, Relax."

"Always maintain a Persistent, Positive, Present, Perspective."

Folashade’ Elaine M. Wadiei

Original member since 1986, has studied with the world's leading performers and instructors, especially Khalidah Kali. Has been performing North African Folkloric Style 20 years plus and an accomplished Zills player.

Mother, “Cutting-Edge” Accomplished Insurance Broker with National Recognition; Interior Design Specialist;

Folashade’ has accomplishments ad finitum! She now teaches at a local wellness center.

“Positivity equals success!”

Bhar Bhar Glenda Huff

Founding member of KNADE Expresses love through dance while entertaining and educating through every passionate move.

“To dance is to live!”

Nurse, mother of 2

Anniece Anniece Anderson

Mother, Supervisor in Government Law Enforcement, Model, Sign-Language interpreter, horseback rider, Dancer Extraordinaire!

Summer Summer Dugger "Samar Dahab"

Summer has been dancing with KNADE for 7 years and studying with Khalidah for 10 years. She has also studied jazz and salsa dance.
Summer learned about Egyptian Style dance classes offered by Khalidah from the local tv show, Metromix. She was intrigued by the story and hasn't stopped learning since.

Her favorite thing about Egyptian style dance is the sisterhood and the great physical and emotional benefits. This dance has become the professional focus of Summer's life as she endeavors to share this dance with the masses.

“We are occupied and dedicated to the preservation of the motion of
the hips,” George Clinton P-Funk.

Talyia Eve Riemer

Dancing with KNADE- 5 years

Studied Modern, classical ballet, jazz, African

Born in Germany, raised in Chicago

My sisters enthusiasm brought me to the dance and desire to broaden my repertoire of dance styles.

What I love about the dance form is the celebration of femininity and sensuality. I love that this dance form not only celebrates the female form, but also encourages inner beauty through wellness.

This dance has whittled inches off of my waistline as well as provided me with a new family of incredibly beautiful women who share my passion for dance!

“ Make it Happen!”

Linda Linda Hunter

Years dancing with KNADE - 4 year

I have come to value the art of Egytian/North African dance for it’s holistic healing and spiritual uplifting.

“Give glory to God in all that you do and know that it’s okay for your temple (body) to give praise to the creator in a dance”.


Starlotta Q Milam

Singer, songwriter, dancer, hair stylist, hair supplier, vintage clothing broker, fashion designer, stylist and advocate for humanity and peace.

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