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Khalidah's North African Dance Experience Group


We are located in Chicago, IL. Founded in 1986, Khalidah’s North African Dance Experience is respected and enjoyed for it’s engaging interpretations of dance styles indigenous to North Africa. The Company draws from the cultures and philosophies of various countries including Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia to create a mesmerizing performance.

Khalidah’s North African Dance Experience focuses on North African Culture and wears authentic North African Garments While dancing and performing. We specialize in North African Dance, Belly Dancing, Middle Eastern Dance. Women’s Dance, Folk Dance, Earth Dance, and other North African Women’s Dancing Techniques.

Characterized by fiery elegance and enchanting sensuality, Khalidah’s North African Dance Experience provides audiences with compelling visual and aural encounters. Always accompanied by authentic North African music and draped in colorful traditional costumes, the dancers escort the audience on a breathtaking journey through ancient exotic lands.


Khalidah’s North African Dance Experience is lead by the award-winning and internationally renowned dancer and choreographer Khalidah Kali. Ms. Kali, founder of Khalidah’s North African Dance Experience has traveled extensively throughout North Africa and the entire Diaspora studying the cultures of the ancient societies. She has studied in Egypt and India, and she brings her knowledge of the traditional dances of these lands to the beautiful works that she creates for the North African Dance Experience.

In addition to her gift as a choreographer, Ms. Kali is a respected dance educator. She began teaching in 1986, and has offered her expertise to many organizations. Khalidah is on staff with the South Side YMCA, LA Fitness, “Belly Dancers of Color Teacher Favorite at BOCA Convention in Washington, DC; Chicago Park District; Washington Park & Fuller Park.

We have access to a world renown North African & Middle Eastern band.

We are partially funded by grants from City of Chicago, Department of Cultural Affairs and recommended by Illinois Arts Council.

Our Mission

To entertain and educate audiences while preserving North African dance and to server our community through women's advocacy and domestic violence awareness.

Nondiscriminatory Policy: Khalidah's North African Dance Experience prohibits discrimination in employment, educational programs, and activities on the basis of race, national origin, color, creed, religion, sex, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or associational preference.

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